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  • Dr.
    Zhengyan Wang

    Dr. Zhengyan (Maria) Wang is a board-certified pediatric dentist. Treating children and educating them on good long-term oral health habits gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment. She believes it to be a very fulfilling and rewarding profession. Originally from China, Dr. Wang graduated from the West China University of Medical Sciences in 1996 with DDS and MS degrees. She continued her education at UNC-Chapel Hill, completing a Ph.D. in Oral Biology combined with a three-year residency program in Pediatric Dentistry Specialty at UNC Dental School. As part of her academic accomplishments, she actively participated in teaching and scientific research, receiving postdoctoral fellowships in Clinical Dental Research and Tissue Engineering and Regeneration. She also served as a full-time faculty member at both UNC and later at the University of Michigan.

    Dr. Wang cherishes her unique experiences, which helped her to approach clinical situations from a much broader perspective and to practice evidence-based dentistry for the very best interest of patients. Moving back to North Carolina, she obtained her DDS from UNC in 2013 for the NC licensure requirement. Currently, Dr. Wang is a collaborator with faculty at UNC for an NIH-funded research project. Dr. Wang and her husband, who is also a dentist, have two daughters, with whom they enjoy spending time together reading, walking, and traveling.

Academic Experience
  • Master of Science Degree & DDS--West China University of Medical Sciences
  • PhD in Oral Biology—UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program—UNC- Chapel Hill
  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Clinical Dental Research
  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Tissue Engineering and Regeneration
Professional Experience
  • Faculty Practice in Pediatric Dentistry (UNC-Chapel Hill, U of Michigan)
  • Attending faculty for pediatric dentistry resident and undergraduate clinic
  • Treatment of children in the operating room under general anesthesia
  • Treatment of children utilizing conscious sedation medication
  • UNC Cleft Lip/Palate Team Member
  • General Anesthesia Rotation
  • Pediatric Medicine Rotation
  • Chief Resident of Administration
  • Chief Resident of Hospital Activities
Professional Licensure and Certification
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD certified)
  • Certified as a Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)
  • Member of the American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Member of Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry (SSPD)
  • Member of North Carolina Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (NCAPD)
Selective Publications

Li SM, Zou J, Wang Z, Wright JT, Zhang Y. Quantitative assessment of enamel hypomineralization by KaVo DIAGNOdent at different sites on first permanent molars of children in China. Pediatric Dentistry. 2003;25(5):485-90. PMID: 14649613

Wang Z., Leisner-Wilson T. M. and Parise L.V.: Properties of Platelet alpha2beta1 Integrin Activation; Contribution of Ligand internalization and the alpha2 Cytoplasmic Domain. Blood. 2003;102(4):1307-15 PMID: 12738679

Yuan W, Leisner TM, McFadden AW, Wang Z, Larson MK, Clark S, Boudignon-Proudhon C, Lam SC, Parise LV. CIB1 is an endogenous inhibitor of agonist-induced integrin αIIbβ3 activation. Journal of Cell Biology. 2006 Jan 16;172(2):169-75. PMID: 1641853

Wang Z, Heffernan M and Vann WF Jr.. Management of Complicated Crown-Root Fracture of a Young Permanent Incisor Using Intentional Replantation. Journal of Dental Traumatology, , 2008 Feb;24(1):100-3 PMID: 18173676

Liu J, DeNofrio J, Yuan W, Wang Z, and Parise LV: Genetic manipulation of megakaryocytes to study platelet function. Current Topics in Developmental Biology. 2008;80:311-35. PMID: 17950378

Wang Z, SP Holly, MK Larson, J Liu, W Yuan, M Chrzanowska-Wodnicka, GC White 2nd, LV Parise. Rap1b is critical for glycoprotein VI-mediated but not ADP receptor-mediated α2β1 activation. J Thromb Haemost. 2009 Apr;7(4):693-700. PMID: 19192113

Wang Z, Pan J, Wright JT, Bencharit S, Zhang S, Everett ET, Teixeira FB, Preisser JS. Putative stem cells in human dental pulp with irreversible pulpitis: an exploratory study. J Endod. 2010 May;36(5):820-5 PMID: 18173676

Li X, Koh AJ, Wang Z, Soki FN, Park SI, Pienta KJ, McCauley LK. Inhibitory effects of megakaryocytic cells in prostate cancer skeletal metastasis. J Bone Miner Res. 2010 Aug 3. PMID: 20684002

Wang Z, McCauley LK. Osteoclasts and odontoclasts: signaling pathways to development and disease. Oral Dis. 2010 Jul 23. PMID: 20659257

Meet the entire team at RTP Pediatric Dentistry! We are all more than happy to help you and your family with all your dental needs.

RTP Pediatric Dentistry team at Dragon Boat Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC 2015

RTP Pediatric Dentistry team at Dragon Boat Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC. 2016

RTP Pediatric Dentistry team at Dragon Boat Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC 2017.

RTP Pediatric Dentistry team at Dragon Boat Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC 2018.

About Our Technology

Our office uses the most advanced technology to treat your child in the most effective way. We use the award-winning i-CAT 3D FLX Cone Beam Computer Assembled Tomography (CBCT) imagining system to acquire the most diagnostic image with less radiation than the average panoramic or traditional x-ray. The dose from this imaging system is 80-95% less than a medical CT. With an extremely short scan, typically within five seconds, Dr. Wang can obtain enough data for a comprehensive diagnosis for your child with increased comfort.

Why is it better?

i-CAT 3D imaging provides exceedingly beneficial information about the following:

  • Diagnosing missing or supernumerary teeth
  • Airway/sleep apnea assessments
  • TMJ evaluations
  • Precise location of impacted/extra teeth
  • Treatment planning of orthodontic treatment

We are the only pediatric dental office in the Triangle Area that uses this advanced, state-of-the-art technology.

i-CAT/Radiology Facts

The type of radiation produced by the i-CAT is no different than that produced by any other x-ray machine. Before the i-CAT was introduced, the typical orthodontic diagnostic workup consisted of a panoramic x-ray, a lateral cephalogram (head film) and various periapical x-rays. One i-CAT scan replaces all of these x-rays with LESS radiation.

There have been many patients who have been made aware of medical issues (not just dental issues) as a result of their children having received a 3D scan: issues that would not have been discovered with traditional x-rays; as you would expect in these cases, the parents were very grateful for this technology.

We welcome the opportunity to have a dialogue with you about any concerns or questions you may have regarding how this technology is used.

The following are examples of the images produced in our office from the i-CAT 3D FLX CBCT imaging system.

We also use the Dental Vibe comfort system, along with the Onpharma buffering system to deliver pain-free injections for our patients.

Benefits of the Dental Vibe include:

  • Extremely safe
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Less anesthetic administered
  • Quick delivery of injection
  • Your child will feel gentle vibration, or massaging of the gums

Dental Vibe and Isolite | Dental Vibe | Onpharma Buffering System

all of this cutting-edge equipment delivers a better experience for your child, which is what our team strives for every day.

How Patients Like our Team

"Hygienist was amazing with my 2 yr old! Thanks so much for the patience and good service"
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 05/2024

“A very good treatment, my children felt very safe. The Dr. took the time to explain the treatment to my son and make him feel safe.  And to us as parents she also explained everything very well.”
Melitooun A. from Google Reviews 04/2024

"Dr. Wang and her staff are very attentive to my son’s needs and do an outstanding job working with him." Anonymous from DemandForce Local 01/2024

"Dr. Wang has been my daughters dentist for the last 6 years. She is very thorough and honest. Dr. Wang and her staff are great with kids." 
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 01/2024

"What an awesome practice. Everyone was so nice and patient. Dr Wang was thorough and explained everything to me on how to best take care of my little one's teeth. It was my little one's first time at the dentist and she left happy and with a balloon!"
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 10/2023

"How did my child go from terrified of the dentist to excited!??? My 10yr old daughter has been extremely afraid of dentists since she was 5. It was so bad that she had to have dental work done under anesthesia 2yrs years ago. I knew we couldn’t do that again, or for the rest of her childhood, so we looked for another pediatric dentist. I am very happy to share that she is no longer terrified of the dentist office, all because of the dentist and staff at RTP Pediatric Dentistry. She had her 1st appt and cleaning and was excited to go back for her X-rays. She completed her visit without me! Literally said I’m ok you can stay in the waiting room. My mind is blown! I keep looking for magic dust because this is unbelievable! The Dr and staff are truly incredible. I’m very grateful to have found them from another review. Hopefully my review will help you make the decision to switch too."
Oliva L from DemandForce Local 05/2023

“Best pediatric dentistry in the RTP area. Highly skilled doctor and well trained crews. Great for children with all abilities.”
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 03/2023

“Made us all feel welcomed and helped everyone feel relaxed during our child’s first dentist visit.”
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 02/2023

“It was so fast! They were great with my child and we were in and out so quickly.”
Bennett B from DemandForce Local 01/2023

“Our experience with Dr.Wang has been great. My son loves going to see Dr.Wang for his dental care. She and her team are caring, responsive, and professional. Thank you for the excellent service you provide..”
Charlie G from DemandForce Local 12/2022

“My experience at RTP Pediatric Dentistry has always been excellent. Staff are amazing. Highly recommended.”
Ren R from DemandForce Local 11/2022

“My son’s first visit is here, the front desk staffs are very nice and friendly. Dr. Wang is very professional and nice. We it like here so far.”
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 10/2022

“Dr. Wang and all the staff are so polite and caring. We've never had a bad encounter with anyone in the office, so it's clearly the culture there. I would highly recommend them to everyone with children.”
Taylor H from DemandForce Local 09/2022

“I was so pleased with our first visit to this office, and to the dentist with my son! They were so quick and informative. I was really happy that I did not have to wait for an hour before seeing the Dr. She went over all his information quickly but also did a great job. We will definitely make this our dentist home for our son.”
Braxton S from DemandForce Local 08/2022

“We had a great experience. We had switched from another dentist and were hoping for a less hectic, more personalized experience....this was it!”
Kai M from DemandForce Local 07/2022

“Dr. Wang did an excellent job working with my kids. One of my children has special needs and she does an excellent job working with us to address our concerns.”
Reginald H from DemandForce Local 06/2022

“From the moment I contacted RTP Pediatric Dentistry till the following up for the next appointment, Dr. Wang and her staff showed the top professional practice in the industry. Skillful and patient! I highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone needs a good dentist for their loved one”
Luting S from DemandForce Local 05/2022

“The staff are great with kids! I completely trust Dr. Wang. She has helped us through tooth trauma and routine cleanings/check-ups and given clear education and direction how to handle our toddlers’ little teeth”
Alana T from DemandForce Local 03/2022

“Dr. Wang is super experienced and very patient with kids. The nurses are also very nice, the front desk ladies are quick response and very heart warming. So all in together, they deliver great customer service experience and high quality dental care”
Anonymous from DemandForce Local 02/2022

“Very good experience and feel”
Shiyue P from DemandForce Local 02/2022

“I appreciate Dr. Wang's constant care for my daughter's dental needs. She's always quickly responsive to emergency items, and cares about the quality of repair”
Mya C from DemandForce Local 01/2022

"Good service and medical"
Laurence L from Demandforce Local 11/2021

"Excellence in every aspects""
Alessandra H from Demandforce Local 11/2021

"Excellent Dentistry practice. Very helpful pleasant staff and exceptional care from the Dentist."
Riley R from Demandforce Local 11/2021

"Excellent dentistry"
Michael D from Demandforce Local 11/2021

"Dr. Wang and her staff are amazing!!! I love this practice and appreciate their efficiency in quickly but thoroughly servicing my son's."
Shannon F from Demandforce Local 10/2021

"Great dentist and friendly staff"
Anonymous from Demandforce Local 10/2021

"We had a playground accident that resulted in us needing to get my daughter's teeth checked out. Dr. Wang and her whole office staff are personable and professional and efficient. I travel almost 30 minutes to come here because I don't want to go anywhere else."
Anna G from Demandforce Local 10/2021

"Best service I’ve experienced with a pediatric dentist. The doctors came to get us personally and catered to my sons individual needs. Her exam was quick and thorough. I am glad we found her."
Ezekiel W from Demandforce Local 09/2021

"We love this office because of the kindness of all the staff. My daughter got really pretty teeth now with Dr Wang’s professional care. During the COVID I am glad that they limit the people in office, provide screening’s and sanitizers etc. I feel safe whenever visiting. Thank you all the staff!"
Lucy Cha from Google 2021

"The office is well maintained and organized. Dr. Wang and her staff are friendly and considerate for the patients. Dr Wang explains the condition and procedure thoroughly to us to ensure full understanding. She is kind to and patient with my son to help ease the nervousness each time when he visits a dentist. The office put in extra effort o ensure the environment is safe and clean during COVID 19 pandemic. Highly recommended."
Xiaoming Zeng from Google 2021

"Dr Wang is very nice , patient and professional. The office is very clean. The team is amazing.My two kids love her and her team. Recommend strongly."
Baixuan Zhu from Google 2021

"We love Dr. Wang and everyone at RTP Pediatric Denistry! My kids feel comfortable and safe here, and the staff has been wonderful to interact with. I'm so glad we found this practice when we moved to the area a few years ago."
Candace Jones from Google 2021

"Thank you Dr. Wang for coming in unexpectedly on your day off to care for my daughter's teeth. Much respect and appreciation for your passion to care for our children's teeth."
--S.M July 2019 (Thank you card by mail)

"Absolutely love this office. Dr. Wang and her staff are very knowledgeable and professional. I came to Dr. Wang's office for a second opinion about possible dental issues with my son after a not so pleasant experience at another dentist office. Dr. Wang went out of her way to explain to me the procedures that my son would need and how they would be treated. She made sure that my son was comfortable during his treatments and that his overall experience with the dentist was pleasant. I would most definitely recommend this office and will be coming here for all of my son's dental needs."
--J.T. July 2019 (Google Review)

"Friendly and caring staff. I appreciate their courtesy call to remind me of our next appointment. Dr. Wang provides a detailed information about my kids check-up and also suggests procedures that would be best for them."
--A.P. July 2019 (Google Review)

"My 3 kids have been coming to RTP Pediatric Dentistry for more than 2 years. The staff and Dr. Zhengyan are always pleasant and accommodating. Any necessary procedures are explained in detail and any questions I have are always answered without delay. I never get any complaints about going to the dentist from the kids! I would definitely recommend giving them a try!"
--A. June 2019 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is very nice, we had an extremely good experience at RTP Pediatric Dentistry."
--C.T. June 2019 (Google Review)

"Great friendly staff. My kids love Dr. Wang."
--C.U. June 2019 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang and her staff are very kind and thorough. My children love coming to the dentist."
--H.M. May 2019 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is very professional, her skill and calming way made my kid trust her and felt comfortable to receive the treatment. The staff are very friendly and kind."
--L.G. May 2019 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is very professional, patient and considerate!!!"
--N.W. May 2019 (Google Review)

"My two kids have seen Dr. Wang for 7 years. Excellent service! Dr. Wang is very professional and kind. My kids' teeth have been taken cared of very well! We would recommend Dr. Wang to any kid."
--M.L. April 2019 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang and the staff here are excellent! They are professional and patient. My daughter has good experience with the dentist here."
--S.Z. April 2019 (Google Review)

"My son has been receiving orthodontics by Dr. Wang for about 1 year. She is always patient and very skillful. The progress of the treatment is quick and steady. We are satisfied with the high-quality service."
--Y.Z. April 2019 (Google Review)

"Wonderful staff and care!"
--T.D. April 2019 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is a pretty good and professional dentist. My daughter loves this cozy place."
--N.S. April 2019 (Google Review)

"Best dentist office in the area and I'm glad to have found it through Google. Being new to the area you are hoping for a good experience, and I read the other reviews and lucked up. Excellent staff, and service with general dentistry and orthodontics. Recommended!"
--A.W. December 2018 (Google Review)

"I got my braces at this place and got it off today. Nice environment and everyone here is super friendly."
--A.A. December 2018 (Google Review)

"Hugo has seen Dr. Wang for over two years. I have to say Dr. Wang is a very professional pediatric dentist with excellent skills, as well as lots of patience."
--J.H. October 2018 (Google Review)

"Best place to go in the triangle area."
-- J.M. August 2018 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is super experienced and very nice. Her office is well-decorated for kids. More than that, her treatment process is very efficient and her treatment techniques are super effective. My son loves going there. Highly recommended."
-- T.F. May 2018 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is an amazing doctor. We were so nervous about our son's first dental visit and she made everything so easy for us. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place."
--C.K. March 2018 (Google Review)

"Thanks for your help and excellent remedy for our son. The teeth brace in his mouth works well and won the praise of our friend who is a dentist in the biggest hospital in our province. You and the dentistry are parts of our happy memory in US."
-- C.L. February 2018 (Email Correspondence)

"Dr. Wang and her team are excellent! Professional, compassionate, thorough, and very kind to my family and two children. Highly recommend."
--J.P. December 2017 (Google Review)

"Very professional, caring, and understand of our specific needs and concerns as patients and parents."
-- P.C. October 2017 (Google Review)

"The staffs are very friendly and the place is very clean and comfortable."
--W.Z October 2017 (Google Review)

"Super friendly staff. Our 5-year-old son would not allow any other dentist into his mouth!"
--M.H. October 2017 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is great! I have had several dentists over the years for kid's dental care and by far she is the best. Professional, and personable, kids love her, and very highly trained and skilled. Great staff too and easy to schedule, etc. Our daughter needed braces and she really helped provide realistic options, realistic pricing, and outcomes, which I really appreciated. The 3D equipment she uses really helps in describing the issues as well. I really have nothing but the highest praise for her and her staff and we are thankful that we have such a wonderful resource in our community for our kids!"
-- C.C. October 2017 (Google Review)

"My daughter got her braces in Dr. Wang's office. Dr. Wang is very patient, skillful and knowledgeable whenever we have questions. Office staff are always nice and friendly. They also provide flexible payment options. There was an insurance filing issue in the beginning of the work, but was resolved later. Overall we are satisfied. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter's beautiful smile since Dr. Wang will remove her braces very soon!"
-- Q.L. October 2017 (Google Review)

"The office is great with my boys. We've been with them since their first appointment. They do a great job talking through everything with us. Dr. Wang always seems to remember us and what we talked about last time. We highly recommend the office!"
-- K.O. October 2017 (Google Review)

"My boy just took an extra teeth here. Dr. Wang is really awesome. She is very professional and also very nice to explain all details to us. After surgery. Dr Wang also had follow up call on night to check the status of my boy. Also offer 2 follow up visit to make sure the surgery is successful. We are very happy with Dr. Wang and for sure will recommend our friend to here."
-- S.C. June 2017 (Google Review)

"It is so far the #1 choice for autistic kids in this area. After my first two dentistry experiences, I was so sick of the dentists who will give general anesthesia to younger kids just to fill one cavity or even just an x-ray exam. I am glad that we find Dr.Wang. Dr. Wang is a superb dentist: she does not only focus on the wellness of the teeth, but also treats the patients as a whole being, thus she makes the most reasonable treatment plans. I really trust her professional skills and ethics. The clinic is very spacious and clean, the staffs are all very helpful and friendly. The equipments (such as the hand-held x-ray machine and wrapping blanket) are very children (especially autistic children) oriented--- unlike just a TV with cartoon movies in other so called "pediatric " dentistry. BTW, they also have the TV. I highly recommend this place."
-- T.L. May 2017 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is extremely thorough and conscientious. She focuses on education for both the patient and the parent. She wants to make sure that our children have a good foundation. The office is extremely inviting and the kids love it!"
-- R.H. May 2017 (Google Review)

" I really like the environment here, it's relaxing and the employees are very good at their job. Unlike any other dentistry I've been too! I don't go to the dentist regularly, but I wouldn't mind getting an appointment here at least twice a year."
-- C.S. May 2017 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang and the staff are very patient and nice. Dr. Wang is a very responsible dentist. The environment of the office is kids friendly and cozy. Every staff here are so friendly and nice. They make me feel like home and feel warm in my heart."
-- J.L. February 2017 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang was always smiling for the kids. My kids always feel comfortable. Staff is kind. Glad that we chose to come here. I'm really happy with the service. I will recommend my friends to come here."
-- H.T. January 2017 (Google Review)

"Dr Wang and her staff are very caring. They make you feel very welcome from the time you come in the front door to the time you leave. Dr Wang takes time to go over your treatment plan and then explain what you don't understand. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist."
-- R.W. January 2017 (Google Review)

"My daughter has been with Dr Wang for more than two years and we are happy with her. She and her entire team are all nice and professional with young kids. The clinic is kids friendly. Charges are reasonable. Will keep staying with Dr Wang."
-- X.T. January 2017 (Google Review)

"Great experience!"
-- X.J. January 2017 (Google Review)

"I would highly appreciate the expertise of doctor and staff. They always explained what and why they did for medical treatment in details. And the environment of office are nice and beautiful. I would recommend it"
-- M. O. January 2017 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is a very professional and well-experienced dentist. The people in this clinic are so nice and kind to the patients. We have enjoyed being here very much. Dr. Wang gave us many practical and useful advices about my children's dental care and treatment. She is one of the most reliable and trustworthy pediatric dentists in the RTP area. Dr.Wang is very caring and gentle to my children when they were doing treatment, so they love Dr. Wang very much. The services of the operation are comfortable and convenien, they really try their best to provide the best service to their patients."
-- A.Z. January 2017 (Google Review)

The dentist office made my child feel very comfortable for an otherwise painful procedure
-- J.S. January 2017 (Google Review)

"Thank you for taking care of 'my children'. The fillings work till now. Also thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions about the procedure beforehand. This helped the kids feel more comfortable with the procedure. Thanks again! Happy holidays!"
-- H.C. December 2016 (Written Letter)

"The most knowledgeable and nicest pediatric dentist with patience and warm heart! Will definitely recommend to everyone!"
--M.C. December 2016 (Google Review)

"Dr. Wang is the "lifesaver" to my daughter. Before we came to RTP Pediatric Detistry, my daughter was in big trouble with her teeth. She had two big back teeth pulled in other clinic when she was 4 years old. She has been wearing a space maintainer since then. However, she was always complaining the hurts caused by the appliance. Part of it came off from her teeth frequently and digged into the flesh. The previous dentist never adjusted the appliance to fit her teeth well and finally refered her to an overcharging orthodontist whose concern was only the money. We felt blessed when we found Dr. Wang and transferred our daughter to her Dentistry one year ago. Dr. Wang examined her very carefully and made the best treatment plan for her. She is alway concerning the patient's need with great patience and treating the patient very professional. She is not only a great dentist but also an awesome orthodontist. She designed the appliance for our daughter after thoroughly examination and it fits her teeth perfectly. The X-ray showed the treatment did work actually. The new teeth are coming out smoothly from the space maintained by the appliance, and our daughter never complained as she did before. It was the best decision we ever made transferring our daughter to Dr. Wang's Dentistry! Additionally, our son started the treatment here when he was 3 years old and nobody else could deal with him at that time. His teeth are in very good condition now and he comes for routine exams. BTW, all the staff in RTP Pediatric Dentistry are very friendly and patient. I highly recommend RTP Pediatric Dentistry to everyone with kids!"
--H.C. December 2016 (Google Review)

"Here is best dentistry for pediatric. We visited four times, I definitely recommend, of course hope your child does not have decades tooth."
--S.K. December 2016 (Google Review)

"Dr Wang is very experienced. Office environment is cozy and kids friendly. Staff are nice and patient. My son went to Dr Wang's office for dental exam since he was 3 years old."
--L.L. December 2016 (Google Review)

"I like that if we don't get here on time they call us on the phone. Also the kids get a toy and a shirt. Every thing is great!!! We enjoy the service here!!"
--Z.L. December 2016 (Google Review)

"Today my daughter comes here to pull out a tooth. Dr. Wang is very nice, and the clinic is beautiful and colorful. Dr. Wang give my daughter a mice-shaped small box to keep the tooth removed and two presents. Most importantly, the price is reasonable. For my daughter, it is really a happy experience in dentistry."
--X.L. December 2016 (Google Review)

"Took our 3 year old daughter there after seeing another dentist who recommended unconscious anesthesia for dental work. The staff is excellent. Joyce and Lauren (front desk) are extremely helpful and genuinely nice. Dr. Wang made our daughter very comfortable. She needed several fillings and Dr. Wang employed several techniques to get the work done without sedation. We are so thrilled with her work. The office is very clean, modern and child friendly. Always on time."
-- A.M. October 2016 (Google Review)

"I came here after having a rather traumatic experience with a different dentist. Dr. Wang and the entire staff were extremely friendly and went out of their way to make sure my daughter was comfortable. Dr. Wang explained everything that she was doing and the reasoning behind any recommendations she made. My daughter and I are so happy to have found them!"
-- A.S. May 2016 (Facebook Review)

"Amazing dentist and staff. They can never do enough for the patients and their parents! Everyone is friendly, professional and they really do care!"
-- D.C May 2016 (Facebook Review)

"We love Dr. Wang and her staff! Everyone is friendly and helpful. The waiting room, patient room, and even restrooms are all very child friendly. They even have baby wipes and other supplies in the bathroom if needed. The tv screen with cartoons above each chair is very helpful. My 5 year old used to be anxious and apprehensive about going to the dentist, but she enjoys it now thanks to the staff who are gentle and friendly. I also appreciate that Dr. Wang and her staff take time to educate my child and me about proper oral hygiene and care. I also really appreciate that Dr. Gao (Dr. Wang's husband) is right next door so I can schedule both of our appointments on the same visit. My husband and I love their staff as well."
-- J.R. April 2016 (Facebook Review)

“My 7-year-old son had an extra tooth. Dr. Wang extracted it in a breeze. After the effect of anesthesia was gone, my son didn't complain of any soreness or pain. Thank you very much, Dr. Wang!”
--- L.L. March 2016 (Facebook review)

“This dental clinic is awesome. My daughter has been going to RTP Pediatric Dentistry for more than 2 years, she started to get cavities since she was 2.5 years old, so we were very carefully to choose the dentist in the beginning, Dr wang was the 3rd Pediatric Dentist we visited. After the exam, Dr.Wang came up with a plan to accommodate our needs and schedules. She is highly-trained and knows everything there is to know about kids' teeth. She does a good job of informing parents of what to expect at this and future checkups and patiently answeres any questions we have. The office is beautiful, clean, and has best tools and materials, the office staffs are nice too. I would suggest this clinic to anyone looking for a good experience and a very professional atmosphere.”
--K.Z. January 2016 (Google review)

“My son is well taken care of, they make him feel like he is special.”
--J.W. October 2015 (facebook review)

“Dr. Wang and her staff are excellent! They make scheduling an appointment for my three children so easy and the setup of their office/waiting room is extremely kid friendly. So lucky we found her!!!”
---L. C. July 2015 (facebook review)

“Dr. Wang has great bedside manner. She and her staff are really good with children. The office setting is bright, welcome and kid friendly. We have been with Dr. Wang for over a year, with no plans of going elsewhere”
--P.A. July 2015 (facebook review)

“My two sons LOVE this office. The office is very kid friendly, colorful and contemporary. My little son even wish we would have the same bathroom at home since he was fascinated with the waterfall-like faucet and the cute lights! There are kid movies, books and an easel kids can entertain themselves in the waiting room. Dr. Wang and her staff are amazing with kids and 100% professional. Dr. Wang always explains what she is doing in a kid friendly, and encouraging way, as well as patiently answers parent's concerns. She never pushes you do anything you don't feel comfortable or questionable, and always provide possible pros and cons of the service procedure in a professional way. I feel so lucky we found this office for my children! We would never go anywhere else!”
--K.L July 2015 (Yelp review)

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